Upcoming Retreats

Exploring Northern Arizona

We have a couple of retreats in the works. We love Arizona and all that it has to offer. Are you looking for an opportunity to see and feel Northern Arizona with slot canyons and Lake Powell, but also want an experience like no other? We want to share with you sights and scenes to be uncovered and discovered. Help you learn something about the area but also find meaning in your life. Get back to the basics of what you used to love about yourself and how to find that again.

Lake Powell Northern Arizona


  • Secluded places
  • Finding meaning all around you
  • What you can find in the slot canyons that can link back to you
  • What makes a place special


These are just a few of the exciting topics we will cover. You will get out and experience the local area and see some of the best places this area has to offer.

Stay in luxurious accommodations with local foods made right there where you stay. All meals will be on sight unless you choose to explore some of the other dinning options the area has to offer.

There will be some time for self exploration and relaxation. After all, it is a retreat. We want you to not only take away some amazing insight, but also leave feeling rejuvenated with a new grasp on realizing you are still you but with a new look on how you can affect your view, your mindset, and taking control of how you react to situations.

Retreat for Professionals

The gate to happiness is self-compassion

We are also looking at a retreat for Professionals. Focusing on self care, relaxation, mindfulness, self exploration and more. Looking at taking care of our Professionals as they have taken care of their clients. We will explore the outdoors, nature, spirituality and connectedness.

To learn more, please email us at info@rehmaretreats.com

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