Retreats for 2020!

We are currently booking retreats for the upcoming year with some exciting locations and classes to help bring harmony into focus for your future. We are looking in to Costa Rica with some amazing people and locations to inspire growth. Norther Arizona is another location with it’s spiritual touches and inspiring, healing, and powerful life changing clarity.

Take charge of your future and get back to mother earth. But in style. We believe in lavish accommodations and fine dinning as well as inspiring views.


Horseshoe Bend is one of the most photographed locations. It brings visitors from around the world to take in this sight and find inspiration.


Some of the slot canyons in this area are truly spiritual. Getting into them and feeling the life flow, seeing the awe inspiring, towering walls and light formations coming through, give you a sense like no other.

Past & Future

Ancestors have walked and lived here for thousands of years. Learn from them, feel their presence still and see what they saw. Get back to nature and hear the sounds of the wildlife as the birds soar. Healing begins within you.

Let’s come together for this amazing experience.

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